Setup of HP office jet 3830

How to setup HP office jet 3830


When you want to setup your Office Jet 3830, you can look up at this easy instructions. This installation process is recommended for the window 10, Windows 8, window 7 and window Vista.

Step 1: Make your computer ready for installation

As the setup for the office jet 3830 will be wireless you have to make sure to set up your broadband router before starting up its process. Get your password and username ready from which

wireless network your printer will be connected to. You can refer the image below to know how you can gather the stuff and what will you need.

After following the simple steps mentioned above now you have to make sure one more time that all of your devices are switched on and your computer or laptop is also connected to the same router from which your Office Jet 3830 is connected.

Next, remove any USB cable from the USB port of the computer that is connected to the printer. Check in your computer if you have any software installed in the system that works with the USB connection you have to remove it from your device as it might hinder your wireless connection of the Office Jet 3830.

Step 2: Setup the connectivity of your office jet 3830 with the wireless network

You can find a Setup Wizard in the printer which will be a built-in setup and it will make your device easily connected to the wireless network. You can follow the following steps below to do that.

  1. If your printer is not switched on yet, turn it on and let it get the start.
  2. Once it is switched on head over to the control panel of the printer and look for the wireless icon and it will be displayed on the screen of the printer by stating “Wireless”
  3. After that look for the setting icon in the menu and press it so it can lead you to the Wireless setup wizard, this wizard will have some instruction in it and you can follow that to make your printer connected to the wireless network.

Step 3: the printer software is ready to be installed and downloaded

Whatever windows you are using, just make sure to install the very latest version of the printer driver so it can function properly. The latest version will be surely free from bugs and error so you won’t face issue using it.

  • You will start by switching on your device or printer.
  • Next check if your printer is linked to the USB cable to the computer remove that wire.
  • After the above steps are done head over to the Customer Support of HP from there you can enter the model number and name of your device and download the software and drivers for free.
  • Press the Download which is the recommended option and it will be for full feature driver or you can select basic driver settings.

For instructions for office jet 3830 drive and setup follow this link

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