How to setup Desk Jet 3630

How to setup Desk Jet 3630 with easy steps

To start up the Desk Jet 3630 you will two options to make the printer work it can be with a wireless connection or USB cable. First, we will discuss the instruction of wireless setup.

How to setup the Desk Jet 3630 with wireless connectivity

  • To start this wireless connectivity first you have to make sure that that your router is turned on and it is properly working. Your internet connection should be working properly to avoid any issue. Get your wireless router’s password and username to start up.
  • After you know the details of the router make sure that your computer has the driver or setup installed on it.
  • Before starting up the setup, check if the USB cable is connected to the computer or not. USB cable should be removed which is connecting the printer to the computer as it might hinder the setup for wireless connectivity.
  • Once it is done the next step will be to check out if your printer is switched on or not. Switch on your printer and let it start up automatically.
  • If you are using Windows the following installation process can be easily followed and it will work best for the Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows
  1. If you have not installed the printer setup software on the computer you will follow the following instructions:
  • You will get a CD with your printer that will have a software installed on it. Insert that into your computer and let the driver to be installed on your PC.
  • After it is done now you have to find and select the Wireless option and you will also be provided with instructions on the printer screen. Follow that to install the connection on your device.
  1. If the driver of the printer is installed on your device follow the following steps:
  • Search for the option of your printer software and open it to start the simple process.
  • When you are in the printer software option head over to the utility
  • There will be another option in the utilities for the setup of the software printer.
  • Select of option for connecting a new printer and then select the option “Wireless” you will again get instructions on the screen. It can be easily followed for installation.
  • Once the above steps will be followed properly, you will notice that the blue blinking link on the wireless icon will stop blinking and it will be continuously turned on.

Installation instructions if you want to connect your printer with USB cable:

Follow the instruction to connect the printer manually

  • Insert the CD that you have received with the printer into your computer.
  • Follow the simple instructions that are shown in the step to get the driver be installed on your system. Then select the option USB for the option for connectivity.
  • Next again follow the simple instruction showed on the screen.

Follow this link for further instructions :

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