How to setup HP Printer OfficeJet 4560

HP Printer OfficeJet 4560 Specifications

If you looking for a small sized printer that can easily suit on your desks then you are recommended to buy the HP office jet 4650. This is a small-sized printer but it is a fast and reliable printer. There are many features in this printer which makes it different and wanted as compared to other models: let’s have a look at its specification to know more about it

  1. It is very simple to use and the best part of this printer is that it can accept prints from the mobiles as well. It has a built-in app and system which can be connected to the mobile and one click can print your documents easily with the hassle of wiring and cables.
  2. It has a wireless connecting capability to Even if you are at distance your device will be automatically connected to the device over the internet connection. This feature has provided comfort to many users now you don’t have to wait for any time for the connectivity of your device and the printer. Just you are one click away from the print button and your document will be printed.
  3. It also has ability to print double-sided and it will be done automatically. It will be an eco-friendly feature of the printer because in this way a lot of your papers will be saved forms the wastage and in this way, it will be highly cost-effective
  4. It has a wireless option available so you can connect it to the internet with all of the devices and just pressing the printing button will print out your document.

These were some of the prominent features of the OJ4650 now have a look at its advantages and disadvantages:

  1. One of the best features of OJ4560 is that it has an extra-large size of the cartridges. You don’t have to worry that it will finish soon and it will be long-lasting. It will save your time and energy on the refills.
  2. Its design is very compact which means that it is very small and can be adjusted anywhere on the office table. It will not take very much space and much your area look very clean and tidy.
  3. It is very cheap models from HP. Printers are an essential part of the system of IT and you must need to have it. So you can easily get it at low cost.
  4. It also consumes very low power which means it won’t increase the high amount of your bills.

Some of the disadvantages of HP 4560 are:

  1. It has a tri-color ink system so if one color finishes all of the cartridges has to be replaced.
  2. It comes up with random types of error which are very stressful and hectic you have to go for troubleshooting from time to time.
  3. The print quality is very low and you cannot get HD quality prints from this printer
  4. It is slower and it takes time to print a copy

Please follow this link for setup :

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