How to setup HP Envy 4510

HP Envy 4510 all in one printer

If you are looking for a model that have all features in it and it is very suitable for your desktop then you have come to the right model it is HP Envy 4510. This model has all types of features in it and that is what has made is distinguished from other models.

Specifications of HP Envy 4510:

  1. It is a small sized printer that you can easily place it on your desk with your laptop or pc.
  2. It is enabled with the wireless option so you can print your documents from a distance as well. It is must to be connected to the internet to enable this service on it.
  3. It also has a flatbed scanner in it so you can scanner all type so f document at your home or office. It is so fast working that you can scan and print your document in just a blink of an eye.
  4. Comes with tri-color cartridges and a black one. All of the cartridges are in extra-large size so it works for a very long time.
  5. It saves electricity so you don’t have to pay high charges on electricity bills with the use of HP Envy
  6. It has an LCD screen from where you can control your With this scan, you can select any option you want to work with. It is very easy to be used and user-friendly.
  7. It does have USB dock in it so if you want to connect with your USB and print any document you can easily do that too.
  8. It is very cheap and cost-effective model and its cost is less than $100. You can invest in it one time and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Advantages of HP Envy 4510:

  • It is very cost effective and cheap model of HP
  • It has an LCD screen from where you can select multiple options
  • It saves ink and has the option of double printing so you can also save paper from this model. It is an eco-friendly model of HP
  • This model carries extra-large size of ink cartridges so you won’t have to go for a refill any soon.
  • The very light weight of the printer so you can keep it anywhere you want.


Disadvantages of HP Envy 4510:

  • It hastri-color ink cartridge and a black cartridge, one of the cartridge ends first it is must refill it other the printing process will stop working.
  • When a print is done from HP envy 4510 you have to wait for a couple of minutes to let the ink dry on the page. It does not dry immediately on its own.
  • Print quality is moderate but you cannot expect a high definition print from this model of HP
  • It works slowly because it is an inkjet and it takes time to print an image on a paper.
  • It might give you a lot of error and you have to go for continuous troubleshooting.

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